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1 month ago

"BEST gift in the world. My mom has never felt so confident using her technology and staying connected to the family and her friends."

Oriana Massey, Student, Columbia Business School
1 month ago

"The Quincy team is very supportive. Rachel, my account manager, is skilled and experienced. I can tell they are selective in who they hire and are very serious about providing great care. Coming from a service industry - I know how important customer service is"

Alex Charara, Former Banker
1 month ago

"I bought Quincy for my grandfather after he got his first iPhone. His Quincy account manager transferred his contacts from an Android and got him set up on Netflix for when he has to wait at the doctor's office. These guys rock!"

Tyler Bickmore, Associate, Top-Tier Consulting Firm
1 month ago

"The Holidays are no longer a marathon of fixing technology and teaching my mom how to use her gifts. Quincy is a phone call away and always ready to help her get the most from the gifts we get her — set it and forget it."

Danielle Martin, VP, AT&T
1 month ago

"[Quincy] was there for me when I got a new laptop — I had been terrified by the thought of moving all my information from a PC to a Mac. Quincy made it seamless. They also helped my husband with his Samsung Galaxy — organizing the applications and notifications. This is a phenomenal service for anyone not digitally native."

Nick Tamari, Retired Teacher

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We created Quincy at Columbia University to make technology accessible for everyone. We had already been helping our families for years, adjusting audio on smartphones, changing magnification on tablets, you name it. With every new version of a gadget or gizmo, we knew our parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles would want help learning how to use it.

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