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Recent Fixes

Set Up Netflix & ESPN

Connected email to iPhone and Dell laptop

Sent photo shot on phone to family

Reviewed suspicious looking email

Saving Adults 55+ from Tech Headaches

Whether email isn't working or you want a loved-one having support when tech misbehaves, Quincy is here to help!

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Unlimited registered devices
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Support starting at $4.99.

Interacting with the digital world shouldn’t break the bank. Quincy offers you on demand support for your most-used devices and services.

Need more support? We’ve got a plan for that too!

About Us

We created Quincy at Columbia University to make technology accessible for everyone. We had already been helping our families for years, adjusting audio on iPhones, changing magnification on tablets, you name it. With every new version of a gadget or gizmo, we knew our parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles would want help learning how to use it.

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