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“I like that you just go and click the button and someone calls you
really fast...There’s always a real person to help
me through whatever my computer is throwing at me that day.”

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“Scammers are sending out these emails, that look like they’re from an actual company, so we advise adults to not click everything, even if you’re a little bit suspicious. “

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“When technology doesn't work it’s a nightmare for everybody, and family visits are turning into support technology sessions”

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triple-vetted technicians

Only the best get to become a Quincy

Our technicians go through a multi-stage vetting process that starts with a referral-only applicant pool. Every team member undergoes a background check before receiving extensive training in empathy.

Quincy Free Assistance

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Your safety & security is our number one priority

Secure Connection

We use trusted and protected tools that built for older adults, to solve all your tech problems with ease.

We Record Everything

After every session, our clients and their caretakers can request a recording of any lesson or work that was completed on their devices.

Scam Protection

As the most targeted demographic, older adults are especially vulnerable. Our team will review malicious emails, texts, websites, voicemails, and social media messages!

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